Sagas of the Shield Maiden – Preview

Asa Wheatley writes this new anthology that blends Viking saga, Norse mythology, spaghetti western & samurai movies, which was more than enough to pique my interest – and getting an early look gave me a chance to check it out further.

The Kickstarter has sliced through its targets already and looking at the first 20-pages of the book it’s clear why as it gives a glimpse at the world he’s created and the calibre of artist he has involved.  Each story has its own look & feel thanks to the different artists and that helps inject a sense of passing time and to each of the events that impact the life of the titular Shield Maiden with her swagger being expertly captured by all involved.

The intricacies of a Viking hierarchy are explored in the world she inhabits but it’s clear from the very beginning that she’s not a figure that’s likely to be messed with.  The ruthless outlook she has gives the book a strong lead to root for as she seeks her own sense of right & wrong in a brutal existence and there’s a ton of potential for both the character & the creative team to nail this anthology and hit us with more I’m sure.

The first couple of stories are a strong indicator of just what to expect and it’s not surprising that it flexes its creative power with all the axe-wielding gusto you’d expect but the art & colouring give it a real sense of life & purpose that takes it to another level.


With artists Sweeney Boo, Daniel Colooma, Kay Baird, Kevin Keane, Michelle Marham, Sammy Ward, Elena Gogou, Raquel Kusiak & Jon Slater all on-board to do a mix of story or pin-up art, there’s a definite community of creators involved and with Ken Reynolds involved to do the lettering for the project it’s got an air of quality about it that screams out to be backed.  Tight scripting, glowing pages and with energy to burn, Sagas of the Shield Maiden has hooked onto a great idea, built a TOP team around that, and then set course to invade your pull-list with a book that will make you take notice.

Head over to the campaign on the link below to see what other stretch goals it’s laid waste to:

Sagas of the Shield Maiden Kickstarter


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