Holly – Advanced Review

Steven Ingram’s books (Murmur, Left) have already made me a fan so with each new title he has out I’m already on-board and then getting an early look makes things even better.

In Holly he explores life on a remote Scottish island as the titular central character eases into her last few of high school and her dream of escaping to the mainland.  That premise seems easy enough for her but as the plan begins to form we are introduced to more of the characters she’s grown up with in & around the town and this both fuels & hinders the feelings she has inside.

Friendships evolve as she nears the decision to leave and tussles with her own mother have a mixed influence on where she sees herself next but the mainland is still a BIG draw for her.  It’s quickly evident that this is far more than a story of just getting off an island and as Holly evolves as a character we begin to see her go through a whole range of different emotions in a very short space of time.  Love, familiarity, & even family, all take on different meanings for her and as she gets to the final day of school it’s clear that the layers of the character and the changes she goes through are just as significant as the potential final release from a life she knows is stifling her.

Steven’s books have a definite “Ingram style” to them, in that they take the most normal or even mundane of situations and convert that into a story you need to see through to the end.  Something he achieves by constructing characters in front of you without you realising it and getting you invested with every well placed phrase, glance or lingering look and when that’s coupled with art that keeps a simple premise to evoke normality, the whole mix of his creative talents becomes as engaging a creation as anything else around.

Solemn, subtle but stupendous, it’s another book from him that’s better than he knows and it’s the main reason why I’ll come back to him for this and the next books he releases.  Go get hold of this one and all his others ASAP.

You can pick up physical copies of his books over on Steven’s online store or on Etsy and check out Gumroad & Comixology for the digital.  You can also check out more on his titles over on his website and keep tabs on what’s next over on his FacebookTwitter & Instagram pages.

You can also get hold of this release through the campaign link below:

Holly Kickstarter



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