A Comic a Day in May – Day 30: Her Prosperity

David Taylor’s Her Prosperity hit Kickstarter earlier this year and after it smashed through it’s targets it was always going to be one I jumped on-board with.

It tells the story of an unnamed soldier of fortune who has a specific skill-set that’s she’s poised to tap into whenever the situation calls for it.  The latest in a series of missing women in the town of Prosperity has her suiting up to walk right into the middle of the lion’s den to find out exactly what’s going on.  The strong female lead calls on any long-standing favours she may have and swaggers her way into danger as she shrugs off the leers & threats from the scum of the earth that are taking advantage of their power.

She’s got a strong presence of her own though and as that catches the eye of all the right people, it’s just what she needs to get closer to the truth.  That inevitably causes her some problems along the way though and while her skills are a good match for what she has to face, the sheer numbers overwhelm her.  Coming face to face with the very people she was tracking down brings with it even more targets & questions, but the sheer force of will she represents still has work to do.

If I’m honest, this was another title I went in blind on but that’s paid of big time by being totally blown away by pretty much everything David has in place here.  The main character is charismatic, powerful & suitably mysterious to help you warm to her from the beginning and the quest for good is an age old route to go for any story.  The difference here though, is the sheer mood of the book as it’s probably one of the most stylish things I’ve read in quite a while.  It oozes that gritty noir edge from the first page and as the narration & dialogue emphasize that vibe, the artwork then solidifies that with the black & white imagery to capture the stark realities of the grim world that’s playing out.

This feels like a character that needs more recognition to me and from a creator that may be new to me but has definitely made an impression.  The writing/art one-two combo from David was enough to sweep me along form the beginning and with the perfect pacing and type of potential that means I’m desperate to see more, I’m sure to circle back onto some of his other work too.

Get hold of this and David’s other titles over on his online store and check out his website & Twitter pages to see what else he’s working on.



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