A Comic a Day in May – Day 28: Left

Having already become a fan of Steven Ingram’s work in his Murmur series, it was pretty much written in stone I’d get a hold of anything else he did……..cue Left.

Sam Smith receives a hand delivered letter through her door and she’s thrust back into remembering a life she thought she had managed to escape years ago.  Having grown up in a cult her breakaway from that life has seen her embrace a creative side that was previously stifled but the contents of that letter bring with it shadowy figures that are intent on bringing her back to The Community.  As she opens up to her flatmate the will to keep away from any influence the past has on her sees them hit the road but the turmoil is really beginning to kick in for Sam.

The trip away brings Sam even more problems but the ability to get some space to think helps her come up with a new course of action that will see her settle on continuing to run or face her past once and for all.  To complicate matters there is a hidden group that know all about the cult and are keen to know much more through Sam if they can.

Steven has a sense of calm about the stories he creates and in this particular release that works as a slick contrast to the tension that’s building in and around Sam.  The uneasy feeling building in her and those around her is captured perfectly in the pacing of the book and slick use of worldless sections that hammer home the characters moods gets into your headspace before you know.

That simplistic art style proves to be a deceptive tool in his creative armoury and the facial expressions combined with him setting the scene around each component of the plot adds up to a quirky yet powerful story that sweeps you along.  Taking a full run at the story in this collected edition proves to be a winner too as you can see across the whole series just how much work has gone into building the world of the cult, the doctor trying to investigate them & the core characters, which shows off how well that’s been painstakingly pieced together.  Subtle, unassuming storytelling at its best as Steven takes his time to draw you in and then wraps you up in the world he’s created.

You can pick up a physical copy of Left over on Steven’s online store or on Etsy and check out Gumroad & Comixology for the digital.

Check out the other titles Steven has created over on his website and keep tabs on what’s next over on his Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages.



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