A Comic a Day in May – Day 27: The Resurrected

Creator & writer Christian Carnouche brought the collected edition of The Resurrected to life through a very successful Kickstarter campaign last year and I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy for review.

It tells the story of Earth in the not-to-distant future of 2037 and we quickly see a population that’s reeling from the impact of a terrorist attack that’s wiped out a substantial amount of the population.  That’s coupled with the Drexler Nanotech Corporation’s (DNC) work on a serum that brings the dead back to life and caught in the middle of the morale questions that brings is one of the last Australian survivors – Cain Duluth.  

Cain’s latest investigation sees him and his partner, Akimi Ozaki, follow a murder trail that leads straight to the DNC and this brings with it a far bigger set of revelations for them to face.  The disappearing indigenous Australians and Cain’s place among the survivors takes on greater importance as things progress and it all builds to story that asks then faces some fairly big questions.

Christians writing helps keep that mix of sci-fi, ethical questions, corporate powers and even ethnic cleansing in check and as he lays out his plot he keeps things connected exceptionally well.  The opening did feel a little jam-packed but as things progress there’s a definite improvement in how well things flow acros that multi-layered plot.

The visuals are another area that seem to find their stride after that opening issue but once it does Crizam Zamora keeps the panel layouts varied while making them work as part of the story itself.  Colouring from Salvatore Aiala plays a key part in tying the different locations together and giving the vibe they need which is helped along with the lettering from Cardinal Rae which goes from strength to strength as the book progresses too.  I’m sure the editing input from Erica Shultz has helped things along the way too and the whole creative team are in sync and working towards the finale in no time at all.  Kudos to Tula Lotay for the cover for the collected edition too.

In the end, The Resurrected had me convinced pretty quickly to stick with it and I’m glad I did as the progression with each page turn showed off more & more of the quality the team were working together to create.  The surprises hit at just the right time to keep that momentum going, even after some of the sections with heavy dialogue or narration in them but in the end there were far bigger & more subtle ideas to come from this book than it seemed at first.  That’s in thanks to how the subject matter evolved with the increasing detail we found out about protagonist Cain and with each of the other characters doing their part to excite, repulse and everything in between – the whole series feels like it follows through on the punches it was swinging.  Great stuff.

You can get your hands on a print copy of the book here or digitally over on Comixology.  Check-in with the creators through the links below and see what else they are working on:

Christian Carnouche – website, Facebook, Twitter

Crizam Zamora – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Salvatore Aiala – Twitter

Cardinal Rae – Twitter

Erica Shultz – website, Twitter

Tula Lotay – website, Twitter, Instagram



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