A Comic a Day in May – Day 23: Beast Hunting Battle Badgers #1-5

Steve Sims’ Beast Hunting Battle Badgers is a recent discovery for me and my scramble to order whatever issues were out resulted in in all five reaching my hands in no time at all…..time to delve in.

Inside we are quickly introduced to Flint & Laird the titular Badgers and while the stunning covers gave a glimpse of what to expect there was still much more to explore with the duo.  The quest begins in finding the next paying job and getting some food in their bellies but the best laid plans of two wise talking scammers/warriors seem to become less likely to go smooth with each choice they make.

The return of a wise old ally gives direction to the search for the rest of the warriors & mystics that have long since disappeared but as the clues for the overarching fantasy arc make themselves apparent there’s some slick interludes for their regular battles.  Those battles themselves show what the pair are capable of but also let the wider world Steve has in mind develop & grow enough to show off just how intricate the anthropomorphic mythology really is.  The world of monster enemies to face off against keeps the momentum going and the badger bros face it with their lives and legacy at risk at every step along the way.

Steve’s series is probably not the kind of book I’d normally seek out, having only dabbled in the likes of TMNT and others but the indie scene is a constant source of surprises for me as it gives new directions I can take in my reading.  Beast Hunting Battle Badgers is a prime example of that where the story is attention grabbing from the off and as things progress that grip only becomes tighter.  The characters created are at the heart of the whole thing, with the likeable rogues taking centre-stage and their growing mix of friends & foes filling out a cast of faces that capture the attention and then some.

That’s all fleshed out with some amazingly detailed artwork that embody the sense of history that the wider elements of fantasy demand which in the end is what sustains the longevity in these five issues and beyond.  Now that I’m suitable converted the next chapter can’t come quick enough and now that Steve & his book are part of my comic reading……I’m sure the next stage in the journey will be just as involving.

Just look at how good those covers are too…..

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Head over to Steve’s Beast Hunting Battle Badgers website to see more of his work and keep tabs on Facebook & Twitter for what’s next.  You can also pick up these issues over on his Etsy store too.



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