A Comic a Day in May – Day 18: The Adventures of Captain Cosmic #3

After the first & second issues of The Adventures of Captain Cosmic by Andy W. Clift pretty much blew me away, getting hold of the next issue was a forgone conclusion.

This third outing sees the mysterious Phantom Spaceman return for his latest attempt to get a plan into action.  Having had previous plans foiled he seems more committed this time around and while there’s been very little known about his motives it’s clear that Captain & Kid Cosmic are playing their usual part in saving the day.

The same crazy world of technology & big set pieces is playing out again but like the previous issues this feels like a fresh new adventure to get lost in.  Our intrepid heroes are taken to the brink with this latest plot and the battle between good & evil feels energetic and slick as hell in this newest story.  The Phantom Spaceman feels like another worthy foe and when we hear a bit more of his back-story it’s tough to not feel some level of sympathy although that’s short lived when we realize that’s at any cost.

It feels like Andy embraces every aspect of the characters he has created and it’s understandable given he does the writing, art, lettering & pretty much everything else in the book.  The fun & excitement he pours onto the pages is infectious and you can tell that his love of the Silver Age is at the heart of every element he has included in this galactic adventure.  I’m a fellow fan of the SIlver Age so I was on-board from the beginning but each release of Captain Cosmic ensures that I’m just as big a fan of Andy’s work too.  Flashy & fun with a definite homage feeling to it but it reaches beyond that with the adventure that’s been distilled into every action-packed panel of it.

You can check out more of Andy’s work on his websiteFacebook, Twitter & Instagram pages.  You can get hold of Captain Cosmic on the online store or through the Comichaus App too.



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