A Comic a Day in May – Day 12: House of Sweets

Fraser Campbell & Iain Laurie have already been an impressive combination on the likes of The Edge Off but could they hit the same heights twice?

Novelist Hans has hit a rough patch on finishing his latest book and with his sister Retha trying to clear her head after the end of a long-term relationship they revisit a cabin in the woods they used to have vacations at as kids.  The space and chance to clear their heads seems to be something they both need but as things descend into a blurred sense of madness for them both it’s clear that they’re on a path to something more sinister.

Passages of writing appear that Hans has no memory of writing and as Retha is drawn to a strange presence in the woods themselves, the visions of madness they both experience becomes a living nightmare.  The visions themselves become more tangible and with a strange blend of past, resent & future their fate becomes less obvious with the craziness that’s floating around them.

Fraser’s pacing for this one is spot-on with just enough of a mix of meandering & then in your face to give it that uncomfortable sense of madness and the plot itself is suitably unhinged to convey the absurdity of what’s unfolding from the two siblings.  That’s hammered home by Iain’s art which gets better & better every time I see his work and the ability to switch from calm to crazy in the space of a panel steps things up a gear.  That whole vibe is punctuated by David B. Cooper’s colours and the lettering from Colin Bell which add that extra layer of sane & insane to contrast against each other.

House of Sweets then becomes another unique tale from a creative team that know how to put you at ease before really messing with your head which somehow ends up being exactly what I was looking for in the first place.  This then builds on the success of their previous work together before raising the bar and while it has the feel of a title that’s been created by a single person the combination of creators are as in-sync as they could be.  Here’s hoping for more from them too.

Head over to the Cabal Comics website to get hold of this one and check out the links below to see what else the creative team are working on:

Fraser – Website, Twitter

Iain – Twitter, Instagram

David B. Cooper – Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Colin Bell – Twitter



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