A Comic a Day in May – Day 5: The Last Sheriff #6

Having been instantly drawn into The Last Sheriff from Reckless Hero, seeing the latest issue on Kickstarter was probably one of the easiest things I’ve chosen to back.

While the previous set of issues left us with an unclear future for The Last Sheriff, John H. Wilson himself, in the battle against the corrupt Corporation, we could still be sure that the next issue would let us see how the next confrontations would go.  Cue the sixth issue of the futuristic western which still has a ton of surprises to offer and it’s quickly evident that there will be casualties as part of that.  The sacrifice is key to triggering a wider involvement in the fight from those ready to defy the evil forces that have their plans of domination at all costs firmly set in their minds.

The gang’s all here for that and the familiar faces stepping up to the plate find themselves on the cusp of a revolution that begins with heartbreak but should lead to revenge & resolution.  In fact, there is the beginning of that here as the main story eases to a close and while it feels like the end of a chapter it also represents what could be the beginning of a new one in a fitting story from Chris Jenkins.

Chris has managed to sustain the momentum from the previous exceptionally well and the slick pacing and timely surprises keep this feeling as fresh as it did in the opener.  That being said there is a feeling that things are becoming a bit more extreme as we begin to see a bit more of the darker side of the world we’ve been drawn into.  That isn’t enough to detract from what’s gone before though and it could in fact give credence to how vile the Corporation actually is and in turn allow the retaliation to match it as it will no doubt need to fight fire with fire.

Davide Tinto’s art is equal to the task the story demands as it embraces the tone and deliver those surprises in all their stark glory in a style that brings everything to life.  On top of that undoubted art quality is the colouring & lettering from Chris which adds another level of detail to the title as a whole and help it pack a punch.

This sixth issue also has a backup story from Chris Imber & Chris Jenkins which tells us another tale in the futuristic western world which is steeped in the same quality we’d expect and does more by highlighting the potential the whole world has for more stories in more issues.

The debut title from Reckless Hero has never really been in question for it’s quality in terms of story & art, even with some tweaks to the core team along the way.  The gripping plot, the impressive characters and a relentless pace have been a hook from the beginning but I’m hoping that we don’t see things become more extreme than they really need to.  A minor concern for sure as there’s still more stories to tell in this world and I’m hoping that we see more from this team & Reckless Hero soon.

Check out the Reckless Hero website for this and their other titles and head over to Facebook & Twitter to keep up to date with everything they have planned.



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