A Comic a Day in May – Day 4: Atomic Hercules #1

Tony Esmond & Adam Falp put their heads together to create a two-part Atomic Hercules story and this new creation promised to deliver a new comic experience…..for better or worse.

The story all takes place in an irradiated world where a futuristic Earth has caught the brunt of nuclear fallout that’s left a barren land in its wake.  Hercules steps out of the shadows of civilization with his own brutal mix of violence and smutty language that sets out this title as one that’s never going to pull any punches.  An attack on his favourite bar sees a relentless battle kick-off that only fuels his anger and actually leads to his involvement in a bigger war against some single-minded robots.

A less than impressive cast of morally bankrupt individuals gives further indication of just how out of control Tony is willing to allow the world get and just when you think you’ve seen it all it’s a book like this that slaps you in the face with something you have to see to believe.  A pace that starts relentless and just keeps going is given it’s crude form thanks to Adam’s artwork and the creative combo these two have oozes just as much style as it does bodily fluids.

In the end, Atomic Hercules becomes the indie title I never knew I needed…..but need it I do.  A juggernaut of a character is given traction in a world that’s like your worst nightmare filled with enough humour to let you grin through the madness but that’s the success of a book like this even though it won’t be for everyone.  Truth be told it’s probably not one that I would have opted to pick up had it not been for the creators involved but the conviction they both have to a shared yet grotesque cause becomes an intriguing one from the first word and the first panel.

By the time the closing pages come along there’s a twinge of disappointment that it has to end in the first place which is a total switch around for an OTT title like this…..at least for me.  However, having my interests broadened is something I get time & again with the world of indie comics and this one keeps that trend ticking over….albeit with a more extreme type of story.

Get your hands on this opening issue over on Adam’s online store and keep up to date with both creators over on Twitter too:

Tony – @Ezohyez

Adam – @adamfalp

Get hold of this and the concluding issue over on the campaign link below:

Atomic Hercules #2 Kickstarter



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