A Comic a Day in May – Day 2: Flux #1

After being lucky enough to talk to Peter Rogers about Flux at the end of last year it was about time I took a look at the first issue he co-writes with Stephen Aryan.

They’ve combined to introduce us to a sci-fi thriller where time travel exists after a leap in technology advancement but that brought with it a need to get a handle on just what that all means for the wider population of the world.  The Purity Control department was created by the Government in the aftermath and with an emphasis on ‘control’, the need to protect everyone takes the form of the Timebrand device that’s worn from birth as a barrier in these days where time itself can be taken advantage of.

Detective Sarah Ramirez and her partner Mike McKinney are brought into the mix after a hostage situation kicks off involving a spokesman for Purity Control, Arthur Buchanan.  That obviously brings them to the door of the government agency itself and with that we begin to see just how much power they have in tracking technology & the sinister edge to plot begins to creep in.  That edge is exactly what’s needed to get the intrigue in there and it’s a weaving journey through to the end of this first issue that leaves a ton of questions…..but that just leaves us desperate to know more.

Peter & Stephen have injected a massive amount of potential into Flux that’s built around the strong characters they’ve moulded into being and with a measured approach to narration and dialogue it’s got a natural flow to it.  Teaming up with Maysam Barza on art brings with it another dimension too as the suspense-filled mood is visible from the off.  The cinematic vibe to some of the panel layouts brings a sense of scale to the events and with the colours making it all feel real there’s a definite power behind the pages that are produced.  Special nod to Sean Rinehart on lettering too as it’s balanced nicely across the pages to let the story unfold and draw you in.

This opening issue from the whole creative team grabs the attention from the very first page and its approach to the events & players in that helps hammer home that thriller vibe that was already promised.  It delivers on that across multiple levels and sets up the rest of the series with an impressive momentum that should hopefully see it flow for this four issue series and hopefully beyond.

You can get a hold of this issue over on gumroad right now and keep up to date with what’s happening with the rest of the series over on the title’s Twitter.



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