Genu: Volume 1

Co-creators Tommaso Todesca, Alex Franquelli & Giulio Tomassy put their collective heads together to bring us a sci-fi story with a difference…….and I didn’t need too much convincing to delve into it.

It tells the story of an off-world colony on Mercury where the solar energy that a desperate Earth needs for it’s very survival is collected and while the risks the families find themselves steeped in begin to escalate amid the uncertainty of space, it’s only a stepping stone into a bigger story of possibilities.  As the colonist scramble to survive the latest galactic event their questions only begin to grow as their roles in both the colony and the universe itself are called into question.

Back on Earth we’re given a glimpse of an existence where the real world & the digital world have their lines seriously blurred and the arrival of an alien to give a helping hand to the colonists brings a flood of more questions for pretty much everyone involved.

A straightforward opening premise gives way to a more intricate & complex plot from Tommaso, Alex & Giulio but the balance between detailed dialogue & a natural evolution of the story for the main players feels like a brilliantly measured approach to take.  The world that’s captured in the pages is given life by artist Aleksandra Fastovets and the detail she has added helps the ideas really take root from the beginning.  The visuals & the lettering itself becomes crucial in making sure a story of this size is as accessible as it can be and the balance of word-free sequences with narration/dialogue heavy parts ends up being the hook to draw you into what’s happening across the planets in this case.

There’s some brilliant additional content in the book too that gives more detail on the science behind many of the ideas that are playing out and that also helps give this the feeling an honest retelling of a story that’s allowing some fantastical elements unfold in the most natural of ways.  The great mix of story & art is a winning combination in this release and there’s no doubt I’m intrigued about what else is going to happen and the future revelations it might bring.  The only minor thing I’m on the fence with is the stark black cover…..which makes sense to a certain extent but I’d loved to have seen something that captures the sense of awe that the contents end up providing………although that IS only minor because Genu is off to the best possible starts.

You can get check out more on the book over on the Markosia website as well as the titles Instagram page.  The book itself can be picked up through the same Markosia website as well as Amazon.



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