Stay Awake #1 & 2

Joseph Oliveira has produced a steady run of great titles through Afterlight Comics and I was long overdue a catch-up on his Stay Awake release.We’re introduced to psychologist Isaac Banks as he gets a visit from Detective Inspector Lane as she investigates the suspicious deaths of three of his former patients and while it seems like a basic case of finding out some background on them, it’s never that simple when Joey is writing a story.  Each of these issues covers a separate patient who each have their own form of sleep disorder but as we start with a businesswoman and her feelings of the supernatural, it’s clear that there’s a much darker story beginning to evolve.

The second issue bolsters that idea with a grandad’s discussions with Dr Banks around his visions of ghosts that he’s sure are in his home and as the details start to bubble to the surface across both issues it’s clear that the Doctor himself is starting to have issues of his own.  Joey has pretty much always been good at creating a dark set of characters to get lost in but this feels like a new high for him as he brings everyday characters to the forefront before dragging them into their own personal hell.

There’s a lot of reading across these pages but where other titles wouldn’t be able to get away with this as much, the context we see it in here is just right for building an impressive contrast for the unnerving supernatural elements that are just a page turn away.  This ensures that he plays to his strengths as a writer and by teaming up with Adrian Manuel Garcia they both manage to capture both of those themes exceptionally well.  The artwork is suitably gritty given some of the events we see playing out and the colouring & lettering from Joey adds another layer of detail that gives the pages the atmosphere they need.  There’s an extra nod to Robert Geronimo & Francesco Iaquinta for the respective covers of these issues too as they really drive home what we find inside.

After two issues I’m already looking forward to seeing where the second half of this four-parter will go and I’m sure Joey has already planned out how to mess with our heads some more – mess away Joey…..mess away.

Head over to the Afterlight Comics website, Facebook & Twitter pages to find out more about this and all the other titles they have on offer.

You can also jump on-board the campaign for the third issue at the link below:

Stay Awake #3 Kickstarter



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