Start Again #2

It’s been a while since I caught up with the first issue of Start Again but after getting my hands on the second issue I just had to revisit and then shout about this one.

This second issue kicks off where the opener left us and the fallout from that begins to hit home, Natalie & Ajay don’t really have too much time to get used to the current revelations.  The ensuing battle leads to many more questions as Jamie begins to broaden the scope of the story and the growing character roster & outside influences brings with it a glimpse of the fuller world he already has planned.

Each of the characters have a well-rounded feel though, even the generic “Anti-Hero Unit” that come into play have a purpose behind them in a way many other comics wouldn’t necessarily think about.  There are some jarring scenes when we cruise through to a “One week later” section but if you throw yourself into it and keep in mind that there’s a whole mental health/social commentary combo going on in there, then it’s all relevant.

Key to keeping things flowing is consistency in the creative team and with Toni Doya on art & Sean Callahan on colours the same explosive vibe from the first issue is there.  The detail is glorious & the colours add a depth to the things that are unravelling on the page exceptionally well and with Jamie working on lettering & Archie Dait on editing it feels like a good second issue.

The only thing that really hit in this one was how short it felt – that left me feeling like the pacing was off a bit but there was still enough in the pages to get things moving and reintroduce me to the potential that Jamie has in this intricate world he’s created.  I’m off to read some of those other Start Again Stories and can’t wait until the next issue of this main series hits.

You can catch-up with all of Jamie’s latest news over on his website or through Facebook & Twitter.

You can also get your hands on the story so far (plus the extra stories) through the campaign link below:

Start Again: Collection Kickstarter



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