The King

After recently catching up on John Tucker’s Plan A/Plan B, it took just a glimpse of his latest release for me to jump on-board and preorder The King.

Lisa’s sister up and left the family home back in the sixties but bucking the trend she stayed away in the US of A and lived a life full of adventure.  In her will she left Lisa a large egg and when that arrives they don’t think much of it and store it away as they opt to put up some pictures they also received.  In a matter of weeks things change and they soon find out that there’s more to their gift in the will than they ever imagined.

As for what unfolds in the book from that point on….there’s NO WAY I’m spoiling this book for you but suffice to say that John takes us along for the adventure.  The tone & vibe from the story has the air of the likes of Raymond Briggs as he introduces bizarre & random elements with an unflinching conviction to the plot.  That approach normalizes the whole thing and we’re instantly along for the ride and ready for whatever he can throw at us.

The world he has created feels familiar and the artwork’s sepia tones injects a nice nostalgic sheen to that helps hammer home the heart at the core of the story.  The unknown adventures of Lisa’s sister in America go unseen but as she passes the egg-shaped baton, the sense of family eases into the pages and take hold.  It’s smart, it’s cozy, it’s going to give you a smile on your face and if a comic can make you feel something then the value of that book hits heights that ensure it sticks in your mind.  John Tucker makes those books and since it’s two for two in what I’ve read of his so far…..I HAD to go buy some more so I’m off to sit at my door and wait on them arriving……go buy The King and sit at your door too.

I implore you to head over to John’s website to pick-up this & his other books and keep updated on what else he has in the works over on Twitter.



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