Stig & Tilde – a Nobrow Double review

Belgian creator Max de Radiguès is a new name to me but thanks to his all-ages Nobrow title, Stig & Tilde, that was going to change.

It tells the story of twins Stig & Tilde as they reach the age of fourteen and local tradition to survive on an island as a rite of passage is key the the adventures they’re going to face.  While the passing of time has distilled the tradition from a year long event to a more social event for teens to get a break from their family life there’s still an air of achievement about the event itself but for Stig & Tilde things all change when a storm knocks them off course.

Vanisher’s Island:

The first book in the series sees Stig & Tilde trying to make sense of the storm they’ve managed to survive and the island they find themselves on.  As the feuding siblings offers a glimpse of the relationship they have it’s their current predicament that brings out the focus of being practical and the closeness they both share.  They have their own secrets as time passes but their ability to survive becomes key in them handling the strange surroundings and finding a way to find hope and there’s an in-built feeling of adventure even in the most desperate situations they find themselves in.

Leader of the Pack:

This second book sees the twins back on the water to try and make it to the main island they should already be on with their friends but the tides & other islands have more adventures planned for the two central characters.  This new island brings with them a similar need to survive but the the flow of the story from that opening issue keeps the same momentum and all as it throws in some surprises along the way.

In the end, these first two books of the series has me reminiscing about the likes of Tintin that I discovered when I was around twelve or thirteen years old but the difference here is that it hammers home that a well-written all-ages book has the ability to appeal to pretty much everyone.  I feel the way here as I did when I first saw Tintin…..the adventure is captivating, the need to know what happens next builds with every page turn and in the end this makes me realise that the glimmer of fun that sparked in me when I first discovered comic books is still present and still very real.

The writing & art from Max is unique & instantly recognizable and this feels like another Nobrow title that will join my collection and helps make sure that I’m keen to see what others they’ll be producing as the year progresses.  Stig & Tilde itself will be one I’ll keep a close eye on too as I’m sure there are more adventures to come.

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Vanisher’s Island

Leader of the Pack



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