Blood Moon #1

Trenance Apple Festival may not seem like the typical starting point for a new British folk-horror but the indie comic scene has always been a strong source of titles that challenge the norm…….cue the opening chapter of Blood Moon.

Creators PM Buchan, John Pearson, Adiya Bidikar & Hannah Means-Shannon are all names I recognize from previous things I’ve read but their collective heads have been smashed together to bring us an unsettling tale of an innocent family seemingly rocked by tragedy.  The festival is in full swing with Cider on offer to all except those that look under-age and when a group of friends choose to take a drive to get hold of some booze it leaves the events to unfold at the festival itself.

Owen Fitzwilliam is ready to play his part on-stage with his guitar while his family take in the sights & activities on offer for the all ages group.  After a storming set he gets to settle into some family time as the whole festival seems to have finished it’s day without any problems.  That all changes when the campsite is torn apart when those pesky booze hunters return from their alcohol hunt.

It’s a slick & nuanced opening from the team and the familiarity of the event lulls you into a false sense of security as the day plays out innocently enough but there’s an unnerving quality to the art that niggles away at you.  The scratchy style, and abstract vibe to the colouring gives the pages an almost tangible quality which in itself makes the events all the more real & disturbing.  Great writing, great art & great lettering keeps this all flowing well and in the blink of an eye, a days worth of events and hints at sinister goings-on flash by before you know it……ending with a heartbreaking event that triggers the revenge element of the story and we’re already hooked.

This feels like the start of something big in a lot of ways – in terms of the story AND the look of the book.  There’s dark elements drifting in that give it a bittersweet edge and with a target drawn on the people that caused the events…….I can’t wait to see how things unfold.  A GLORIOUS book to get into and here’s hoping for more of it soon.

You can get a look at more over on the Blood Moon website and check out John’s Patreon for an even earlier glimpse at what’s.  You can also keep up to date with the creators over on Twitter too:

John – @JohnJPearson

PM Buchan – @PMBuchan

Aditya – @adityab



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