G-Man’s Highlights of 2019: Scurry

Mac Smith’s eye-catching Scurry was something of a revelation earlier in the year and while it had already been a successful webcomic……getting my hands on the first two volumes was just plain EPIC.

Those first two books opened up a whole new world where mice were trying their best to set up their own home and interact with the other animals around them in the hope of not getting eaten in the process.  It’s an adventure from the very beginning and the multi-layered class system that Mac has created is something you have to experience to believe but the sumptuous art style helps take things to a whole other level.

The life injected into the characters & the scale of the beautiful scenery brings the air of an established animation house producing their best work and yet this is all done by a single individual.  There’s actually something special about an entire series being written, drawn & everything else by one person but the bar has been set even higher than I ever thought it could be that’s the Scurry series.  I jumped at the chance of backing the Kickstarter for the trilogy of books so 2020 should be suitanly Scurry-filled too.


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