G-Man’s Highlights of 2019: Doom Patrol

This was another big year for comic book movies but the small screen animated & live-action releases kept hitting new heights with this year’s Doom Patrol raising that bar further than most.

While it may not have been a series I’m overly familiar with, the approach taken with this particular release from DC Universe proved that the conversion of a comic to live-action could be both in-line with the source material AND massively entertaining.  A stellar cast that managed to embrace the character and really hammer home the unique nature of their place in an unreal world helped elevate this in a sea of releases.

The stories were over-the-top crazy in places but the conviction from all involved just made it all the more involving and the depth to each characters personal journey coupled with the growth of the team made this feel like a world full of risks that ultimately paid off.  This is already on my “must watch” list for it’s second series and hopefully that will be released sometime soon.



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