G-Man’s Highlights of 2019: MCM Scotland

Up until fairly recently I’d only ever been to one or two MCM events and found them to be a bit hit n miss for comics of all things but in the last couple of years that feels like it’s all changed…..but 2019’s Scotland event in Glasgow was something special.

This was only my second time at the event but the comic village has got a whole new lease of life and with a finer attention to detail in the balance of those that are in attendance it feels like Comics are beginning to make their way back into this particular Comic Con.  Nothing confirmed that more in my mind than with the appearance of RIck Leonardi at this years event in Glasgow – someone I’ve been a fan of for years and someone who’s work in Spider-Man 2099 triggered my real obsession with the medium back in the early 90’s.

Talking with Rick, John Wagner (again), Bart Sears, Ron Marz & J.M. DeMatteis on the day as well as a ton of indie comics creators, made my Saturday at the event blur passed in a giddy, comic-fuelled haze but the positive vibes of every discussion solidified the reason why the scene has become such a significant thing in my life.  Some will call it escapism, some will bask in the glory of epic battles that appear across splash pages but to me it’s more than that given the depth and variation that comics have to offer.

MCM Cons are MASSIVE and the sheer scale has been a daunting aspect for trying to make the most of your time but as the comic roots are being explored more & more……it feels like this is event in a good place for me…..and I’m sure that’s the same for others too.  Safe to say I’ll be keeping an eye on the guest-lists for 2020.


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