G-Man’s Highlights of 2019: Red Rocket Comet/Glass Hood

With the big two pretty much cornering the market with superhero comics it felt like the indie scene was up against it from the beginning to compete but there are still a few titles out there that can go toe-to-toe with them with relative ease…….up steps Matt Garvey.

Matt’s one-two combination of Red Rocket Comet & Glass Hood came as a welcome surprise this year and as some aged heroes & villains seek out revenge in their twilight years, the unique blend of past & present captured the attention and ran with it.  Bold characters looking back on their vibrant pasts was mixed with the harsh realities of the things around them they could never control and the only outlet for their pent-up frustrations is the old enemies that are coasting along in a harsh reality of their own.

The split between the grim, realistic present and the pulpy past saw art duties split in both issue but weaving these together proved to be a masterstroke in Matt’s head and then on the pages of these two releases.  Worth reading & revisiting numerous times…..I’m hoping to see more of these from Matt somewhere down the line….amazing stuff.




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