G-Man’s Highlights of 2019: In Waves

Having already known about Nobrow from the indie comic scene it was catching up with ‘In Waves‘ from AJ Dungo earlier this year that really hit me head-on.

It’s a world away from superhero comics that form the bulk of the mainstream market but if you combine the freedom of the indie scene with the risk taking of companies like Nobrow……you end up with a powerful book like In Waves.  AJ wears his heart firmly on his sleeve as he combines the story of his partners battle with cancer and pairs that off with a history of surfing in a unique mix that ties a shared passion with heartache.

Unflinching in his unwavering honesty, this ends up informing you & breaking your heart all at the same time which in the end is testament to the depth the comic book world really has.  The story ebbs & flows with a natural rhythm and the writing & art styles compliment each other well in a story that’s managed to stick in my head since I first read it.  An easy pick for one of my highlights and not the last Nobrow or AJ Dungo book I’ll read.


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