Plan A/Plan B

It kind of feels like I’m late to the party with comic creator John Tucker’s work but I’m starting to rectify that with a look at the first (and probably not the last) of his books I’ve picked up – Plan A/Plan B.

Now I knew this was a dual story flip-book from John and at first glance it’s cartoony art allowed me to settle into his story from the first page but that didn’t really prepare me for the subtle power he’d hidden within these 2 pages.  While Plan A drops us in the middle of a jail-break, the three escapees seem to be unclear on just what the plan is and as things seem to go from bad to worse the glimmer of hope they have seems to be getting slimmer & slimmer.

The flip side to this sees two brothers dealing with their father’s death and trying to make sure they carry out his final wishes but as this somber tale unfolds the intersection of both stories come as a real surprise.  Plan B is a great pairing for that jailbreak story but John’s balance between the two tones and the revealed link between them adds extra weight to issue as a whole.

While those stories make their own way to the crossover point John wows with some cracking art & colours that manages to embody the intrigue the stories deserve.  Plan A/Plan B starts out as a quirky approach to telling a story to actually being a genius choice for giving two ideas a sense of drama & power that few other titles get to harness with just one story.  I can’t wait to get hold of some more of John’s work and I’m hoping that more people get a look at this book….because it’s John Tucker AWESOME!!

Head over to John’s website to get hold of this & his other releases and keep up to date with what else he’s working on over on Facebook & Twitter.



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