Beyond Milford Green

Samuel George London & Mikael Hankonen combined to make sure the first issue of Milford Green slipped into the ‘hidden gem’ category with ease and make sure I returned to get my hands on the second part of the story.

The humble village setting of the opener has been replaced by the sci-fi expanse of space and with it we see the Alfie & Mary charge off in search of adventure and more.  The air of destiny around the journey they find themselves on is tangible and with the mysterious egg they discovered in hand the welcome they find masks a much more sinister clash of alien races for them to drop smack bang in the middle of.

The mild-mannered villagers grow into their new purpose with each page turn and it’s Samuel’s attention to detail in that plot that helps emphasize the importance of every decision they make.  The growing troubles that rear their heads sees a clash between alien races that triggers events that spiral out of control far quicker than they (or me the reader) had been expecting and this feels like the midway point of a story that’s building nicely to its third & final act.  It DOES feel like there’s a bit more reading in this issue compared with the first but fortunately the momentum is sustained to keep things ticking over as we ease into another smart ending with a hint of the battle to come.

Mikael’s art glows yet again and his style feels suitably epic in scale as the confines of the village are traded for the vastness of outer space.  Some great character designs help keep the new faces fresh and a growing cast of friend & foe keeps Alfie & Mary on their toes.

This ends up being a slick second issue from a team that embraces the toing & froing of a creative spark that relies on both the story and visuals in equal measure.  While there’s a few scenes that slow down with the amount of dialogue we’re lucky enough that it only helps make the more energetic sequences sweep you along as the adventure unfolds, risk and all.  Alfie & Mary’s growing importance & developing relationship are a strong combo to balance off against each other but we’re cruising through to a finale that I can’t wait to get my hands on.

Check out the Signal Comics websiteFacebook & Twitter pages to keep up to date with this & their other titles and check out the Etsy store for the first two issues of Milford Green as well as the Comichaus App.

You can get hold of the final chapter and the first two through the campaign link below too:

Defend Milford Green



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