The Cosplayer that Doomed the Earth #2

The Cosplayer that Doomed the Earth from Dan Harris got off to a flying start in it’s opening issue and with the latest issue being completed over on his Patreon….it was time to delve into the second issue.

After Griff’s cosplay lead him head-long into a real-life invasion of Earth…..this second issue picks up with him firmly in the bosom of the alien ship as the gunfire starts.  Luckily for him it’s his saviour’s covering fire that helps him on the road to escape…….which is via the planet Kill and constellation Maim.  A frantic dash to their ship on the lower levels and we’re thrown further into a world that merges a video-game, sci-fi & cosplay mistaken identity, surprisingly well.

Galactic chases with an all-powerful Empire in pursuit could well have been a run-of-the-mill plot but the merging of those different elements and the 100% commitment from Dan to each of them, leaves every panel & page feeling like a crucial part of the story.  Griff’s surprise and acceptance at his predicament is infectious so it’s easy to get on-board with the chaos around him and to partially figure out what you’d do if the same happened in real-life.

This lives or dies by its ability to balance the different themes and Dan does that with an ease that makes the story feel like the adventure it is with the added bonus of a central character that has that “one of us” air about him for anyone involved with geek culture.  It’s exceptionally funny in among the madness around Griff with sight gags setting up some laughs and a number of subtle, almost in-jokes that give a one-two combo of the initial laugh and the fact you picked it out along the way.

The visuals are vintage Harris too and whether it’s a single panel character image or a series of panels showing the motion of the escape it’s a smooth transition between everything that highlights just how well the story is paced & constructed.  Two issues down and I’ve laughed & been swept up in the both…… this is another book on the “must recommend” list and it’s one that has me counting the days to the next issues.

Head over to Dan’s campaign link below to get all caught up on Griff’s predicament:

The Cosplayer that DOOMED the Earth Kickstarter

Keep up to date with what Dan’s working on over on Twitter and check out his Patreon for some great updates.  You can also check out more of his art through the Pencil Pirates Etsy store as well as on Facebook & Twitter.



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