Our Final Halloween #2

The first issue of Our Final Halloween from Mike Garley & Michael Lee-Graham was a phenomenal ride of an issue and it eased into my list of highlights last year but even better than that……..there’s more on the way…..cue the 2nd issue klaxxon.

This issue picks up where the last ended and with the clean-up from a wild Halloween that became a big night for our core group of characters to remember.  The aftermath is a twisted one to have on their conscience though, and in the days & weeks to follow the strain is evidently taking their toll and their friends funeral is a grim reminder of what exactly they’ve lost.

The deepening plot around the central team is beginning to grow as they return to the scene of their previous battle and Mike’s gifting us some early glimpses of what’s to come with that familiar mix of horror & humour.  The events are spiralling towards a beginning that I’m sure we never really saw coming as the jarring scares hit at just the right point…..mainly down to the pacing of the script.

Michael’s at is crucial to hammering home the impact of the events that are being played out but it’s the colouring this time around that grabbed me as having a massive part to play in keeping the sinister slow-burn injected with an “edge of your seat” vibe.  Mike Stock does a grand job on lettering again and the cover by Jess Taylor adds an extra dimension to a book that was already an eye-catching event.

After the opening issue had a slick enough balance to leave it as a one-shot, this second issue picks that notion up, shapes it into a stabbing weapon and slams it into the imagination in a way that makes you beg for more.  It’s got a Strange Things air about, which is no bad thing, but the challenges faced and the characterization developed keep it firmly in a unique category of its own.  Scary, funny and so well crafted it’s already claiming it’s place in my highlights for this year…..and long may that  tradition continue.

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Take your chance to get hold of the first two issues at the link below too:

Our Final Halloween #1 & 2 Kickstarter



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