A Comic A Day in May – Day 31: Buzzard #1

Buzzard from Wolf Cave Comics promises a teenage assassin from London that oozes  a blend of comedy & action……and with that kinda content it’s got to be worth a go.

The titular Buzzard smashes his way into your view in those first few pages and we start to get a glimpse of what makes him tick.  The life of a street-smart orphan seems like a world away from that of a swaggering assassin but it’s clear that his connections in the underground run deeper than we know.  The raw British element to the narration and the dialogue feels like a key part to his psyche and this brand new anti-hero follows that up with the slick moves of a killer with a goal.

Drifting into the wider cast are the type of people we’d probably keep away with but rubbing shoulders with gangs, drug dealers, scientists & other assassins quickly becomes the norm as the next big paying job fuels a less than honest life.  At his core (really deep down) is a heart that knows his origins and with a little sister on his mind it’s clear that there is a complexity that offers a glimpse of a much bigger potential for future issues.

As it stands, this opener sees Andrea plow on in a story that sees no punches pulled – the confrontations are gritty, the language is fierce & the violence visceral but while that teeters on the edge of being a bit too OTT there are some great ideas on show.  Similarly, the art from Ezequiel is highly detailed to capture the full ferocity of the plot and with some varied layouts there is a strong sense of the energy in the fights that helps build the momentum.  There’s a manga edge to it’s style that maybe doesn’t quite fit in with what I expected from that Samuele Zardinoni cover but it’s easy to get swept up in it given the pacing of the script.

The only minor quibble for me in this one though, is that I think there is a bit too much reading in it and if the script was trimmed down just a bit then the balance between story and art would help this flow even better than it does already.  Not to say it isn’t a good read but the balance does feel a little out of whack.  That aside, this is a solid opening issue and while the anti-hero feeds off the darker side of it’s events the occasional glimpses of humour help smooth off some of the rougher edges on show.

Keep tabs on this and what else Wolf Cave Comics are working on over on the Facebook and Twitter pages.  You’ve also got 6 days left to back the campaign though the link below:

Buzzard #1 Kickstarter



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