A Comic A Day in May – Day 27: Space Captain #5 & 6

Creators Chris Baldie & Michael Park have already more than impressed with the first four issues of their Space Captain series and as the series reaches its climax in the last two I was keen to see how things would finish up.

The team have nicely built up a story with a broad cast that’s helped create a world with real depth and as Space Captain’s pursuers begin to close in around him there’s still a glimmer of hope in the form of the friends he’s met along the way.  The risks faced are very real for our central hero and while there’s a steady fight for survival unfolding it’s still not exactly clear what the chances of escape really are.  That factor makes this an edge of your seat ride from cover to cover and across these two issues there are still a ton of surprises to come.

The flip from Space Captain’s point of view to his friends keeps turning the screw as he begins to ponder his past, present & possible future and with the adventure covering a galactic landscape the variation between grand vistas & closed in confines keeps a sweeping pace to the proceedings.  The plot keeps us guessing with every page turn and there are quite a few surprises along the way that hit like a gut punch to keep you desperate to see the next page.

The story’s plot has been key to it’s success from the beginning and with the visuals from Chris hitting consistent heights since that first issue then we have ended up with a complete package in every sense of the word.  The swagger of Space Captain has become infectious and his friends rallying around him to help him reach his goal & get back to his life has seen a team of intriguing individuals combine to form a team that we the reader feel part of.

This entire journey has been a rollercoaster from beginning to end and the bittersweet twinge to the key points in the story gifts us with exactly the sort of weighty elements we need.  A glorious mix of solid story and stunning visuals have made sure that I’ve come back time & again to the Kickstarter campaigns and if you love comics in any way, shape or form then get hold of all six issues (preferably in that stunning collectors box 😉 ).

Head over to the Space Captain website for more on the titles or check out Chris’ Etsy store to get hold of the whole series.  You can also keep updated with Chris & Michael over on Twitter too:





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