A Comic A Day in May – Day 25: The Cosplayer that Doomed the Earth #1

Dan Harris’ work on Lou Scannon & Druid Investigations have already been a source of endless entertainment but supporting his Patreon has given me the chance to get an early look at his newest title The Cosplayer that Doomed the Earth.

Griff is the cosplayer in question and from his teenage years as a gamer there’s a particular character that’s held his interest enough to become an obsession and is the source for a new costume…..cue the montage.  His friend Lee is his first port of call and the next big comic event is where they’ll be strutting their stuff in all their cosplayer glory.

The glimpse of the comic con world is unmistakable for anyone who has ever attended one and with the acceptance & thrill of all things geek-related being under one roof comes a tangible connection between the mish-mash of groups that attend.  There’s a firm tongue-in-cheek vibe to things as he pokes fun at the wider con-going audience but it’s done with a sincere level of affection too that shines through in the well-timed jokes & subtle sarcastic comments that ooze real-life.

Things seem to have all run smoothly but quicker than you can say “get me a back issue” a UFO arrives looking for Griff……well, really looking for the character he has chosen to dress-up as.  It’s here that the comic con sanctuary gives way to outer space and while the events are far from the norm they are written so well & matter of fact that it’s hard not to get swept up in every single detail that’s unfolding.

Artwise it has Dan’s typical cartoony style and while there are a few panels still sporting sketch lines here and there there’s no doubting just how slick it all flows together.  It’s a great story with a steady pace behind the characters involved and with the well-placed humour keeping things fun it’s got “read me” written all over it.  Love this and I can’t wait for the second issue to be completed so I can get all caught up on what happens next……with any luck there will be more people jumping on-board his Patreon to do the same until a hard copy is produced for a wider audience too.  All hail Dan!!

Keep up to date with what Dan’s working on over on Twitter and check out his Patreon for some great updates.  You can also check out more of his art through the Pencil Pirates Etsy store as well as on Facebook & Twitter.



2 thoughts on “A Comic A Day in May – Day 25: The Cosplayer that Doomed the Earth #1

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