A Comic A Day in May – Day 21: The Adventures of Pup & Grumpicorn

Emily Owen & Gavin Mitchell put their creative heads together to bring us the crazy world of Pup & Grumpicorn and it’s fair to say that a glimpse of the cover was more than enough to convince me to jump on-board their recent Kickstarter.

The five story collection gives us some unique adventures for the titular duo to make their way through and while there’s some risks & danger ahead, they somehow manage to hit us with some puns as they stumble through the journey from one to the next.  Featuring fantasy, sci-fi, wrestling & donuts, it’s a collection of stories that helps introduce us to the main heroes and give us a glimpse of the relationship these two friends have but the magic is in just how well it manages to navigate an all-ages balance with more than enough to entertain every comic reader you can imagine.

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The worlds and stories are fun as they unravel and it’s got a Ren & Stimpy vibe that helped make this feel like something familiar yet new.  It’s mix of sight-gags, slapstick & sarcasm felt like my kind of book from the beginning and the variation across the five stories showed off the scope the creative team have to offer in terms of both story and visuals.

One of the most amazing things about this is that these five stories plus puzzle games section felt like it offered far more than it’s 32 page count which in itself is a strong indicator of just how engaging this first volume is.  Emily & Gavin seem to embody the Pup & Grumpicorn combination and with tight plotting & cartoony visuals they’ve got some captivating stories to offer in a title that’s packed full of comedic possibilities.  Roll-on the next issue!!

Keep an eye out on the Happy Clam Etsy store for this and their other titles and head over to the Red Bubble site for some of their other tie ins.  You can also check out the Twitter page for more news on titles & appearances.



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