A Comic A Day in May – Day 20: Murmur #1 & 2

Steven Ingram’s Murmur caught my eye when his Kickstarter was running for it’s second issue and I felt like I had to get all caught up on what this had to offer.

Each of the two issues has a double-bill of stories that are triggered from fairly mundane beginnings before veering into a far more surreal world but Steven manages to anchor them with enough normalcy that they maintain a tangible glimpse of a possible real world.

The first issue has a skewed story from a print shop in Magenta while Jed focuses on a homeless man and his journey though the heights of business success to his place in the world today.  That’s followed up in the second issue with A Viking Funeral that surrounds the discovery of a dead cat by a group of school children while Solus gives us a glimpse into a world where Oliver is just trying to fit into the world around him without coming across as crazy.

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Steven holds that balance between mundane & surreal with great ease and he follows that strength in the plot with art that’s simple enough that the surreal moments hit with the jolt that they demand.  That simplicity and attention to the balance he’s creating fives these first two issues a great one-two combo that ensures we’re page turning throughout and end up being curious on what the next issues could bring.

In the end, the mundane/surreal balance is expertly executed and are unfolded in such a way that it’s got the feeling of a powerful statement being made behind each one…..the skill in reading these is trying to figure out where all those pieces fit together and what that message is.

There are many books that I read through and end up loving that I feel I could end up saying something like “this might not appeal to everyone” but in cases like this I’m left with the bigger question of “why the hell not?”.  These stories are all bittersweet in nature and that to me is something that connects us far more readily than many other comics ever could.  Great work from Steven and these two issues make sure I’m fan for more Murmur and for pretty much any other titles he’s going to create.

Head over to Steven’s Blurred Lines Comics website for info on this & his other titles and keep up to date with what else he has on the go over on FacebookTwitter. You can also get hold of his releases over on his Etsy store, Comixology or Gumroad.



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