A Comic A Day in May – Day 19: Griff Gristle: The Endless Voyage

Rob Jones & Mike Sambrook already have already released two impressive issues of their Griff Gristle creation into the world and getting an early look at the third issue was something I just HAD to jump on-board with.

While we’ve already seen a glimpse of the protection Griff offers the world in those previous offerings, it’s really in the opening sequences here that we truly get to see the weight of loss that’s settled into the very bones of our titular hero.  The loss at his core is enough to trigger his will to do good though and even with a dark cloud hanging over him there’s no doubt that he represents an unstoppable force that knows all about the mysteries of the deep and the dangers it hides.

Griff stands tall to face that set of dangers and whatever he faces seems to be something he can mouth off at, swagger up to and slap in the face without a care in the world.  That in itself seems like a bit of a contradiction given the loss that’s weighing him down and yet he still seems to have enough buoyancy to fight the good fight even if that means casting himself adrift to take on the worst dangers on his own.

The world has grown & grown across those previous issues with Rob & Mike being fully prepared to pour some heavy sections of dialogue or narration to give you as much story to get involved with as possible but that helps rather than hinders the connection we get with the characters and the scale of the plot.  They inter-mingle some big set pieces or all out battles that balance things out nicely which are punctuated all the more by the longer length of the issue itself.

Rory Donald adds the layers to those different story elements and as he varies the panel layouts, plays around with our perspective and then dazzles us with some glorious two-page spreads, I can’t help but think that this book feels even bigger than it’s final page count.  All that input from the creative team leaves us with a book that’s sorrowful & deep with a slick sense of adventure which may be too much of a meandre for some but I just love what they’re doing with it.  The first arc is brought to a close with this one……and I’m sure I’ll be hanging around for the next one……and more.

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You can catch-up with the creative team on Twitter:

Robin Jones

Michael Sambrook

Rory Donald

Brad Holman

You can also get your hands on this issue and loads more rewards over on the campaign now:

Griff Gristle: The Endless Voyage



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