A Comic A Day in May – Day 11: The Last Sheriff #1-5

The Last Sheriff is the debut title launched under the Reckless Hero banner and with five issues already being released it was about time I got caught up on the story so far.

Born from the minds of Chris Imber, Chris Jenkins & Matthew King we’re whisked away to a world of sci-fi meets western as John H. Wilson, the titular Last Sheriff, still pursues a sense of justice in chaotic surroundings.  The rest of the Sheriff’s are an almost distant memory following an uprising by the all-powerful Coalition who are hellbent on allowing anarchy to spread across the country unchallenged.

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John starts off by saving Rose from the clutches of a gang of the Coalition’s worst representatives and from there it becomes a quest to take on the elements of the Coalition that have been invading every corner of the futuristic world.  That damsel in distress element is shot-lived as we see John call in a batch of favours that are generations old but his single-minded approach and focus on gaining justice for everyone becomes the driving force for the entire group.  Gunmen, shamen, rebels & natives combine forces but their actions become life-threatening for the core set of characters and it feels like there is more on the line here than you may first expect.

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Chris Imber’s art in the first four issues is astounding and even with the reigns handing over to Davide Tinto for that fifth issue the change is virtually seamless and keeps a Manga-like aesthetic merged with wild west sensibilities to dramatic effect.  Writing on the series had initially rested with the core trio of creators but it seems to have passed over to Chris Jenkins in the main with him also taking on colourist & letterer duties at the same time.  That consistency within the team shines through in every issue with a complete feel to every panel & page as the story unfolds.

The Last Sheriff proves to be glorious mix of ideas where the writing & art combo breathes life into a world that you can easily adopt along with each of those larger than life characters.  The action is over-the-top in places but it’s so well timed and the story is so well structured around those set pieces that it’s a story that oozes style & intrigue in every page turn.  Smart, stylish & fun to read the next issue can’t come quick enough and being able to power through the first five leaves you desperate to read the next issues and find out just where the story goes….and if that’s not evidence of a great series then I don’t know what is.

Head over to the Reckless Hero website for this and their other titles and keep an eye on their Facebook & Twitter pages for more updates.

You can get hold of these issues over on the Reckless Hero online shop, over on the Comichaus website or on the Comichaus app.



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