A Comic A Day in May – Day 10: 32 Kills

Co-creators Mike Garley & Andy W. Clift joined forces to make their 32 Kills one-shot a reality and the promise of an action-packed revenge story sounded too good to miss.

Mike drops us firmly in the middle of the action with an all-out assault on a heavily armoured compound……..and even the best guards in the world don’t seem able to counter the unstoppable force coming their way.  We’re then swept up in a John Wick-style attack with our central female protagonist dealing out what quickly becomes evident as her own version of revenge…..and anything goes.

The kills swing from the instant to the embattled but as we get glimpses of her past training as we go along there’s something satisfying that grows in both her and us with each conquered foe.  The momentum is relentless and it all feeds off the impressive sixteen panel pages that Andy has connected together for us to enjoy…..and how much each page can be enjoyed.

The energy in each page is tangible and it feels like both Mike & Andy are having a great time leading us through each confrontation and leaving us guessing which way it’s all going to go.  There’s hardly a word spoken throughout the issue and yet we learn so much from the flood of precise & calculated violence which means there’s something intriguing about the whole set-up.

This feels like a unique read in a sea of amazing indie titles but the combination of the plot, the panel layout and the kinetic artwork all merges to give this a life of its own.  Nathan Ashworth on colours, Mike Stock on lettering and that Darick Robertson helps round-off this release in style.

Breathless in its action and effortless in it’s execution the combo of Mike & Andy feels like one that HAS to work another title but whether that’s a follow-up to this or a whole new venture, I’m 100% on-board for whatever they release.

You can get hold of a copy of this over on the Comichaus website or read it through the Comichaus app.  The Comichaus Facebook & Twitter pages will keep you updated with this and all their future releases too.

You can also catch-up with each of the creative team over on Twitter too:








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