A Comic A Day in May – Day 6: Robyn #2

Blue Fox Comics have had a fairly steady run of releasing solid titles and the opening issue of their Robyn title was no exception, so backing the second issue on Kickstarter was a no-brainer…..cue the catch-up!!

We’ve already gone through the introductions for a gender-flipped Robin Hood and we’re dropped right into the middle of the unknown as our titular hero experiences a disturbing vision that either hints at her own issues or a worrying glimpse of the future. Although, no sooner has she snapped back to reality than she has a whole new set of real world problems to handle when new enemies and new allies start to come out of the woodwork in the form of a fellow rebel and a steam-powered knight.

We quickly find out that the life of a friend of an outlaw is very much like the life of an outlaw and being on the run is the new normal for them all. This actually plays out as the perfect chance for the gang to get to know each other and Simon Birks does a great job at working on the character building that’s needed to ensure there’s longevity in this new world he’s aiming to explore. It’s a weaving tale for them all and while there’s the thrill of making their escape there’s a jolting bittersweet element that ends up giving an unexpected layer of sadness to this second issue.

It feels like a change of pace from the opening issue but Simon is forcing the characters onto a new level as we find out more from their background so it’s not all that surprising that this feels like a more involved chapter in the life of Robyn. Ege Avci’s art has a similar level of kinetic energy in it that helps charge that feeling of being on the run and while it feels like the art has become more sketchy in places it ends up suiting the context of the events that are unfolding. Kudos to Lyndon White on the lettering as well as he manages to keep the discussions between the three characters flowing in the midst of battle or heartfelt discussion with a great sense of balance & control.

While this second issue has sacrificed the more fully-charged vibe of the opener for a more involving look at Robyn, the people around her and the wider elements of the Robin Hood mythology….i’m sure this will feel like a step back in many peoples eyes but for me it does feel like there’s a bigger pay-off being worked on here for those of us that are in it for the long-haul. We’re getting to know Robyn and a world that we half recognise but thankfully Simon and the rest of the creative team are steadying the ship to keep us guessing and coming back for more.

Keep updated with this and what else Blue Fox Comics are working on over on their Facebook & Twitter pages.  You can pick up their titles over on their website or over on the Comichaus website & App.



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