A Comic A Day in May – Day 5: Cadavers – World Gone to Hell

Cadavers from Mad Robot Comics became an impressive world when Matt Hardy introduced it to us in those first three issues and before we see how that first arc plays out he’s only gone & thrown an anthology in our direction too.

While that main title showed us just how blurred the lines between them & us really was, it went further to show us that the monsters in our midst are far more like us than many would dare say.  That blurred similarity ends up becoming the core of the Cadavers world and as Matt’s put together a who’s who of creators to throw their weight behind the broader world that his creation offers.

Cue a series of stories with more weird & wonderful characters than you can shake a severed limb at and Matt passes the baton to other writers and matches some great artists that gives us a whole mix of different genres within that macabre world.  The raw horror, the sci-fi, the pulpy noir and everything in-between are intertwined throughout the book with some direct & some subtle links to what has already gone before.

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The art varies greatly from story to story and while there’s very few dips in it they all work in the wider context of the earlier issues of Cadavers itself.  The past, present & future are explored and we all get a much better understanding of exactly what was the main aim for all aspects of this world.  Giving the outsiders & the minorities their moment in the spotlight and that shows just how subtle that message has been from the very beginning.  That mix of themes could well have left this floundering as it tries to find its feet but there’s an honesty in each story to show the human frailties that every misfit & monster shares with us and there are some unexpected but powerful moments of poignancy that end up making each of these tales linger after reading.

A great mix of stories that have some impressive writer/artist combo’s on offer and the whole set of characters that have been introduced pretty much emphasizes just how much potential there is for this title to run, grow and entertain.  Kudos to Rob Jones who managed the lettering across most of the stories and with enough variation to keep in-line with each of the theme changes.  Can’t wait for the next issue from the main title and now I can’t wait for the next anthology either……roll on more Cadavers!!!

You can get hold of the story so far over on the Mad Robot Comics website and keep up to date with all the news of their releases on the Facebook & Twitter pages.  You can also get hold of Cadavers over on the Comichaus website and through the Comichaus app.



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