A Comic A Day in May – Day 1: Awesome Comics Anthology Issue Four

The Awesome Comics Podcast team close out their triple threat anthology with the fourth issue that debuted at this year’s True Believers Comic Festival……..a year after the first issue appeared.

While all three of the stories really hit with strong beginnings before easing into their stride in the middle two issues……it’s all been building up to this finale.  My hopes were high given how much I’ve been swept up by each of the offerings.

Murder Road by Vince Hunt and Daniel Marc Chant

Vince has managed to ease through a horror cliché minefield with his horror tale where the relentless pursuit of the dark figure in his slick black car has seen his attack on an innocent group of kids reveal something deeper.  The connection between the murderer behind the wheel and one of the core characters comes as a big surprise and all before Vince slaps us in the face with a sacrifice that tries to bring things to a satisfying end.  Fully charged from that first issue all the way through to the end and subtle touches here & there have made this a solid opener for each issue.

Cockney Kung Fu by Tony Esmond and Nick Prolix

The combo of Tony & Nick seems to have been a bit of a revelation in the second story in the collection as Cockney Kung Fu has seen the brash underbelly of London deliver us a strong central character like Red.  Her world was flipped on its head with the double-cross in that last issue and as her predicament in the aftermath of that plays out here she seems to find a new level of determination.  Tony’s got a great set of characters in this arc of his and with Nick punctuating that with pitch-perfect art it’s an intriguing journey to be swept up in.  A bit less of a “finale” feeling to this one but that surely gives us hope for more from this world.

Vyper by Dan Butcher

Dan’s Vyper entry in this series of stories has had his signature blend of action-packed art and unflinching dialogue from the beginning and as past rivalries have bubbled to the surface for his macho central character there’s slick progress made in the connection between his central characters.  The threats are real but the counter-attacks are just as powerful with their measured dialogue as their fully charged set-pieces.  Having his central character start out by being a bit of a dick makes sure that by the time we get to the nitty-gritty we’ve warmed to him and are cheering him on with every page turn.  A glorious finale with a good vs evil vibe and a clear glimpse that there’s much more to offer from this world & cast he’s created.

All three stories are just as much of a slick combo as the Awesome Comics Podcast crew themselves and they’ve managed to give their stories a sense of an end as well as show the potential for more.  I’ve said before that the weakest story in an anthology can be the decider on how much of a success they are but with three hits on their hands this feels like it could run & run for many more issues.  Sticking to a strict release schedule and getting the first & fourth issue out within the year has been a credit to the drive behind it too and that in turn means the rewards for both creators & reader are split evenly.  Roll-on more of this.

You can get hold of the four issues from the team over on their online shop now or alternatively you can check out the Comichaus website or Comichaus App.

There’s a ton of episodes from their weekly Podcast over on the website and keep updated with what else the team are working on over on the Facebook & Twitter pages.

You can also keep updated with each of the creators over on their Twitter pages too:

Dan – @VanguardComic

Tony – @Ezohyez

Vince – @jesterdiablo



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