NPC Tea #3-5

The first two issues of Sarah Millman’s NPC Tea came as a bit of a revelation when I read them and I was long overdue catching up on the most recent issues…….so no time like the present!!

Sarah had already laid an impressive foundation in those opening issues and while we had been introduced to the main cast as well as some of the threats around them, it’s the third issue that begins to deepen the relationships among them.  The characters are a mixed bunch who all have their own drives and you can tell that Sarah has spent the time to carefully craft their personalities.  The elf, orc & fire spirit running the NPC tea shop are still the core team but with more spirits & more threats from the world around them things ramp up as life gets more and more complicated for our magic-fuelled A-Team.

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The false front put up by some of their so-called friends begins to slip and give us a glimpse of the ulterior motives that are driving them to draw the gang into what will be a far riskier situation than they could be expecting.  That risk is made all the more tangible as the relationships become more obvious with friendship, love and family all combining to give the story an increasing number of layers in a growing world.

If consistency was made of magic then Sarah would be the indie comic equivalent of Gandalf as she weaves her story in front of us to enjoy.  The characters are well-rounded and so well-developed from the beginning that every emotion, every curse word and every stumble feel as natural as they possible could… just happens to exist in a world of spells and tea.  That’s all backed-up with the clean lines of art that keeps things simple enough to help tell the story while the characters drive home their own personalities and the use of colours to mark scene changes or the appearance of certain groups gives it a fresh air of awe on every page turn.  Safe to say I’m a fan and it’s an added bonus that NPC is so much fun to read that you can reread the issues without skipping a beat…..GLORIOUS!!!

You can get hold of the latest issue (and the story so far) through the current campaign at the link below:

NPC Tea #6 Kickstarter

Go check out more of Sarah’s work on her website and get hold of NPC Tea over on her Etsy store or through the Comichaus website & App.  You can also keep up to date with what else she’s working on through Facebook Twitter and consider getting on board with her Patreon for more of her indie magic.



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