Ailsa Dark #1

Terrier Studios has recently evolved into Terrier Comics and with the BRILLIANT Tales of Mystery and Imagination already under their belts, the newest title sees a new female lead book become a reality following its debut at last weekends Dunfermline Comic Con.

Creator & founder WIlliam Hazle has teased this new release before and as he has taken on writing & art duties there was no doubt it was going to be a release I was keen to get my hands on.  It tells the story of the titular Ailsa as she lives a life that’s split between her on-screen persona of a classic horror fan talking to the masses and a protector of the world from the real monsters that plague the streets of Glasgow.  Teaming up with her crew for her show (that double as her crew for her monster hunting) there’s more than a passing resemblance to the likes of Buffy but William has this firmly entrenched in its Scottish roots.

The underworld turns out to be a mix of gangsters and monsters who both deal out their own form of grotesque punishments and all with the motive of preserving their share of the city but they have attracted just too much attention.  Ailsa and her partner Umair are well versed in both worlds and with a glimpse of the brazen attempts to flex their muscles a good vs evil scenario quickly erupts across the pages.

William’s plot is a slick one with the type of narrative that nicely paints a picture of just how close the things that go bump in the night get to the public before anyone realizes the danger they’re in.  It’s an interesting balance between the two sides of AIlsa’s life but his art is a glorious blend of real-life cityscapes and B Movie gore that just happens to be caught in the middle of cracking thriller.  The A4 print helps drive home the scale of the world he’s created and it allows a pitch-perfect balance to the art alongside the narrative & dialogue which otherwise may have felt cramped…..something that Terrier Comics’ already used to great effect in their Tales of Mystery and Imagination release.

This first issue of Ailsa showcases William’s writing & art to full effect and with a central character as strong as this & story that keeps just enough secrets from us, this is already an early contender for the 2019 highlight’s list.

You can check out more on AIlsa Dark over on the title’s Facebook & Twitter pages and there’s an Indiegogo campaign on the way for its print run which you can sign up to below for notifications:

Ailsa Dark Indiegogo Crowdfunding

You can also catchup with WIlliam over on twitter too – @Crawford_Hazle



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