Red Rocket Comet

The actions of superheroes have always been a rich source of action-filled comics but what happens in the twilight years of a heroes life when the capes & derring-do’s are done???  Matt Garvey brings us one possibility in his Red Rocket Comet one-shot.

Larry Saviour (aka Red Rocket Comet) is living a life a world away from his past existence as a superhero and a late night visit from a familiar foe sees his mental state come into question.  The surprising sight of these two enemies facing off further down the road sees Larry reach for some strong alcohol that’s just a tad too handy at his bedside.

We learn more about the pair’s past and as we get a glimpse of the battles they’ve had it becomes clear that we’re beginning to be slowly let in on a secret that’s haunted them both for years.  The bold colours of their glory days is in stark contrast to the black & white days of the present but that flip in styles is a smart and powerful tool that Matt has slipped into a story that’s equal part bittersweet and intriguing.  As the big reveal comes there’s no doubt that this final face off is something new to get lost in and it’s a testament to just how good a writer Matt is.

He’s partnered with two artists to capture the different timelines in our duo’s lives and Grayham Puttock & Andy W. Clift combine their own styles to emphasize the cruel edge to both timelines.  Grayham’s detailed likenesses of real people are another stunning element that makes this stand out while Andy’s pulpy pop art inject the energy that a superhero life demands.  There’s action & contemplation in the mix too and the whole creative team put their collective heads together to give the story a fresh & impressive vibe from the first to the last page.  An extra nod to Michael Rea on cover (& logo) duties as it really captures the world-weary, aging hero in his twilight years.

I can’t help but feel like this is a title that almost slipped me by but I was fortunate enough to stumble across it at a time when my interest in superhero comics needed a spark of life…….job done on that front as Red Rocket Comet packs a punch & a message that lingers.

Head over to Matt’s website to see what he’s working on and check out his online store, the Comichaus website & the Comichaus App for some of his titles.  You can also catch-up with him over on Twitter too – @MattGarvey1981



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