G-Man’s 12 Highlights of 2018: Day 12 – Generation Gun #1

Vital Publishing’s John Farman has been a source of some cracking titles in recent years with some embracing horror tropes from the classics and others courting controversy but earlier this year he brought us the first issue of Generation Gun.

While it’s true this brought with it an air of controversy in much the same was as Royal Descent did, there was something far more significant under the surface in what turned out to be another impressive addition to the Vital Publishing back catalogue.  It’s a story of home-grown terrorists in small-town America and as the unthinkable unfolds at the school they have in their sights on it gets darker in darker in an all too familiar way.  John pulls no punches yet again as he tackles a BIG issue head on but rather than glamourising guns or the motivations behind them, he shines a light on the fractured society that has lead to these types of event time & again.  He teams-up with regular collaborator Will Pickering on art duties and they both bring a stark story to life with far more realism than we’d probably like to admit to.  Grim but accurate – this first issue really earns that vital name by providing yet another must-read book…….roll-on the 2nd issue.

You can keep tabs on this and all the Vital Publishing titles websiteFacebook & Twitter.  You can get this and their other titles over on the online shop too.


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