G-Man’s 12 Highlights of 2018: Day 7 – Our Final Halloween

Mike Garley has become a name to look out for from the very first time I read any of his work and in recent years his Kickstarter campaigns have been a source of some real gems.

Cue October this year and his digital only Our Final Halloween release became a reality with another short campaign that got to the point of getting his book out there.  It follows a group of kids as they awake in a strange house covered in blood and in the midst of a “What the F£$%?” moment that snowballed from the beginning.  I was lucky enough to get an early look at it and having been drawn into it from the very first page it was clear that he’d done what he always does and surpassed the already high expectations that comes along with his creations.

He was joined by artist Michael Lee Graham on art duties and regular collaborator Michael Stock on lettering & logos and the trio of Mike’s slapped us all in the face with a roller coaster of a book.  Swept up in the mystery and blown away by the visuals it was something that stayed in my head long after I’d read it with me pondering the “What if’s?” that could exist both before & after the events of the comic itself.  I’m not usually a fan of too many digital comics but there are exceptions out there and this one in particular felt like it all packed more of a punch in its digital form.  Fun in a morbid kind of way and entertaining from start to finish and beyond……this was ALWAYS going to be a highlight for my year.  

Catch-up on all of Mike’s titles over on his website & Facebook page and keep updated with all three creators over on Twitter:





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