G-Man’s 12 Highlights of 2018: Day 6 – Comichaus

Comichaus appeared back in early 2015 as a new platform for buying & selling indie comics but opening up a market place that benefited the creators was just the beginning of a massive contribution the team behind it would make.

I was fortunate enough to talk to Pete Genepool, the man behind Comichaus, earlier this year and the development and progress he has made for his venture & the writers, artists, colourist, letterers & editors who contribute to the titles has been invaluable.  That promotion of Indie comics alone is enough to draw my attention but the development of their own anthology and the app itself have been the trigger for me being able to get my hands on even more titles that I may have otherwise missed.  The snowball effect of quality titles being added to the database week on week is even more titles getting the much deserved attention they warrant and it feels like Comichaus has started and grown alongside a flourishing comic book scene in the UK and beyond.

As if the strength of the App wasn’t enough they’ve then gone on to publish some amazing titles like Lizard Men, Close & 32 Kills under the Comichaus banner that have further cemented their own place in the very scene they’ve had a hand at promoting.  The ultimate level of giving back has been achieved and with the level of quality they’ve already reached they don’t seem to be content with resting there.  Hopefully we see much more from the app and the Comichaus releases in the future but in the meantime there’s a TON of things to catch-up on already…..I better get back to my list!

Head over to the Comichaus website to get a look at the titles on offer and get signed up for the app to really enjoy a whole host of titles that you can add to your own list of favourites.  Keep updated on more from the team over on Facebook & Twitter too.


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