G-Man’s 12 Highlights of 2018: Day 5 – The Awesome Comics Podcast

The trio behind The Awesome Comics Podcast of Tony Esmond, Dan Butcher & Vince Hunt have taken their weekly podcast from strength to strength as they fight the good fight for the indie comic scene.

It was a chance meeting with Tony at NICE 2016 that brought the podcast to my attention and since then I’ve tuned in week after week and worked my way through the ones I’d missed.  The three comic fans turned their shared love of the comic book world into a platform that showcases the very best the indie scene in the UK and beyond has to offer and given how closely it matches my own attempts to do the same with Comics Anonymous it’s no surprise that I’m drawn to their hectic show of shout outs, recommendations and guests.  The passion for comics have seen them create their own comics, create a podcast, get a discussion group going and to put together their own anthology with the three members adding their own unique stories to the very world they belong to and champion.  For all their dedication and laugh out loud moments that make me look like a mental case at work I can’t think of a better symbol for how all-encompassing and inclusive the comic book medium has become for me and many others…..especially with the UK comic scene being such a welcoming place.  Well played Three Amigos……well played!!

Head over to The Awesome Comics Podcast page to hear the latest episode and work your way through the 100+ episodes.  You can also keep updated with the gang over on the Awesome Comics Podcast Facebook & Twitter pages and join in over on their Awesome Comics Talk discussion group.  Get hold of their brilliant comic over on their online shop too.


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