Brigantia #1

Creators Chris Mole & Melissa Trender released the first issue of their title Brigantia at the end of last year and with the second issue powering through Kickstarter it was about time I got all caught up on the opener.

The story of magic & gods from Chris quickly gains traction as we see the goddess Brigantia betrayed and tricked by her brother Veteris into heading down a one-way rabbit hole to modern-day Britain.  The melding together of themes may not be a new approach to take but there’s an instant depth to this title that oozes out of the plot and the visuals.

The ancient world of gods clashes with the modern world…..literally……and then Chris elaborates every element with an energetic approach to a story filled with symbolism & the weight of a developing mythology.  The research they’ve done into Paganism and folklore shines through in the finer details and combining that with Pagan consultant Limnaia Areia brings this to a new level.

Melissa’s animation background helps take things even further and turn the story up to eleven as she punctuates every panel with glossy artwork that turns a 2D comic into a 3D extravaganza.  Nikki Foxrobot rounds off the creative team with her lettering that fits in dialogue, narration and a history lesson with the same effortless ease.

In the end, Brigantia looks and feels like the epic it promised and the creative team gel well together to ensure that they deliver on every element of the story.  Engaging, engrossing and enthralling….it’s the beginning of something special that deserves as wide an audience as possible and it’s fully prepared to aim higher & higher. Stunning!

You can get hold of this issue over on Comixology, through the Comichaus website & app or catch-up on both through the campaign link below:

Brigantia #2 Kickstarter



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