Wendigo Wood #1

Joey Oliveira has already impressed with the previous titles he’s produced under the Afterlight Comics banner and I was due a catch-up on the latest issue that smashed through its Kickstarter targets earlier this year.

Cue the first issue of Wendigo Wood and it opens with what initially felt like a typical horror trope where taking the wrong turn gets a young couple and their baby in some escalating trouble.  These first few pages felt a bit run-of-the-mill but it became evident that Joey was messing with us as this actually worked in the story’s favour…because as soon as that evil appeared from the shadows it morphed into something much more significant.

We’re then whisked away to the core element of the story in the life of retired war veteran Hank Williamson as he investigates the disappearance of his daughter.  It’s here that the real momentum & intrigue are coaxed into the light and creator/writer Joey is building a world with a folklore foundation that already promises much, much more.

Artist for this series is Vukasin Ivkovic and holy shit he brings the element of this story to life.  The mundane, the mysterious & the macabre are all given their own detail and pack enough of a punch to take this to a whole new level.  The Joey/Vukasin combo breathes life into the world of horror where many other titles have clung to that run-of-the-mill collection of clichés.  Extra nod to Chris Shehan for that cover too as he adds the finishing touch to a fresh, frightening and fantastic series that’s become favourite of mine already!

Here’s a look at the cover for the second issue too…..

…AND…..the campaign is underway now for the second issue via the link below:

Wendigo Wood #2 Kickstarter

You can get hold of the Afterlight Comics titles on their website or check out the Comichaus WebsiteComichaus App for the available issues.

You can also keep tabs on what else they have on the go over on the titles own Facebook page or the Afterlight Comics’ Facebook & Twitter pages.



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