Resurrection Men #2

Writer Nicholas Stephen Paul and artist Rory Donald already impressed with the first issue of their Resurrection Men series (reviewed here) and with the second issue hitting Kickstarter I was lucky enough to get an early look at where it’s taking us.

While that first issue introduced us to James Stone’s life as a widower trying to cope with an estranged son and the discovery that he has the powers to bring back the dead – this second issue picks up on the world he finds himself in now as Resurrection Industries PLC (R.I.P.) are calling the shots on his every move.

We’re drip-fed a bit more of the back-story on R.I.P. itself but the sinister goings-on and their relentless use of James & his son to reach their own goal shows us the depths they’re willing to hit.  Nicholas is really beginning to hit his stride with the developing plot and the twists he’s sneaking in are another hook for an already amazing story.  The turmoil for James and the helpless situation surrounding him are a grim element to make interesting but the characters around him sees a glimmer of hope that helps make this a page-turner.

Rory’s artwork adds its own magic too as he hammers home the weight on James that he introduced in the opening issue……only this time he steps it up a few gears too.  He manages to keep a hefty weight seeped into the pages somehow and the impact on the central characters and the story overall is impressive.  The consistency across these first two issues leaves a sense of expectation on that third & final issue but alongside that comes the hope that we’ll see more beyond this initial arc.  An intricate plot and art to match means Resurrection Men is a title worth catching up with and holding onto for the long haul.

Head over to the campaign now to get hold of this and the first issue if you are missing it:

Resurrection Men #2 Kickstarter

You can get hold of the first issue over on the Comichaus website or through the Comichaus app too and keep updated with the progress of this and their other projects over on the creator’s Twitter pages:

Nicholas – @NSPaulUK

Rory – @imnotdaredevil4



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