North Bend #2

The first issue of North Bend from Ryan Ellsworth showed off the beginning of an ambitious story with depth and since the latest issues just hit Kickstarter it was time to catch-up on the second issue.

We pick up after the hefty plot was laid out in that opening issue with the US/Russia Cold War rearing its head again as Government conspiracies around an experimental mind control drug.  That was an impressive issue to begin a story and while this second issues sees some of the big players try to gain back some normalcy the ball is already rolling on a complex thriller.

The scientist involved with the trial scrambles to get her life back but the hands of the government are pushing her back into the world she’s desperate to escape.  While this unravels the other plot threads get a similar tug as a new Government safe house is set up in a seemingly quiet neighbourhood.

It’s planned to be a 10-issue series and with the level of detail already included in these first two issues it’s got ‘epic’ written all over it.  Robert Carey does a grand job with the art again and keeps the tension in the air with some slick panel layouts while squeezing just enough detail into the pages to keep things flowing.  He’s joined by Ellie Wright on colour duties this time around and it’s a seamless transition that maintains a consistent look and feel to the world that’s closing in.  There’s another nod to Thomas Mauer on lettering duties too, who handles a hefty amount of narration and speech that he keeps under control perfectly.

In the end, the second issue has us heading deeper down a drug-fuelled, government-owned rabbit hole that Ryan is more than willing to keep a lid on with each intricate plot element.  Backed up with an artist, colourist & letterer that are willing to help on building a world they can hide secrets in for them reveal as and when they see fit….this whole series takes on a new purpose that I’m only too happy to be on-board with for the duration – you should too.

Head over to the campaign link below to get hold of the first four issues of your next favourite series:

North Bend #1-4 Kickstarter

You can get more info on what’s next for North Bend over on Facebook and you can catch-up with what else the creative team are working on over on Twitter:

Ryan Ellsworth – @RyanEllsworth_

Robert Carey – @RobCareyArtist

Ellie Wright – @elliewrightart

Thomas Mauer – @thomasmauer



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