A Comic A Day in May – Day 29: White Noir #1

Having heard nothing but good things about Matt Garvey’s white NOIR title it was time to get caught up on the first issue.

It opens in the aftermath of a car crash which sees a deer killed and driver James with very little idea of what happened and where the hell he is but the fight or flight kicks in and he’s soon stumbling into the nearest town.  There he finds some help from the locals as he passes out and the mystery surrounding him begins to grow as the Sheriff & town Doctor are called to the local bar to tend to the stranger in their midst.

From here it all goes a big blurry as James drifts in & out of consciousness and his story becomes increasingly complicated with every flashback we get to see.  Those around him are still in the dark but with ties to the criminal underworld in the big city there’s a complex world hidden somewhere at the edges of James’ mind.  As openers go, I can see what all the fuss was about as the Fargo vibe is there but very much with a far more realistic & tangible core to it.  The locals are just the right balance of quirky & naive to match-up against the crash survivor they’re taking care of but it’s going to be an interesting ride as we get the glimpse of a mystery wrapped up in this thriller.

Matt’s world building is impressive as the snow-filled world comes crashing into the cozy lives of the growing cast of towns folk but there is a much fresher feel to this story than those familiar elements might have first hinted at.  The story itself is elevated further with the art from Dizevez that see’s her hits us in the eyeballs with an ultra-realistic style that’s so well crafted that it almost crosses over from the panelled-pages to the readers surroundings.  That leaves this first issue in the ‘surprise package’ category, as much for its ties to realism as the writer/artist combo that sucks you in from the first page.  I need to get hold of the rest of this ASAP……and so do you!

Go check out this and more over on Matt’s website and keep up to date with what else he’s working on over on Twitter. You can get a hold of his titles over on his online store and on the Comichaus website as well as on the Comichaus app.



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