A Comic A Day in May – Day 28: Cadavers #3 : Revenant

Matt Hardy hits the midway point in his Cadavers release with the third issue and after loving the previous two, I was always going to jump on-board his Kickstarter for it.

Revenant is the third member from the team to step into the limelight and it’s quickly obvious that she’s the most powerful member we’ve seen so far with her supernatural abilities being enough to over-power anyone she sees fit.  The results are grotesque in nature but she embodies the team’s focus of tackling Markus North as ruthlessly as she can to help bring some sort of balance to his negative views of the monsters & undead that have crossed into our world.

North’s crew all fall in line with his wishes though and while we get to see the power hidden within the Cadavers, we also get to get a bit more of an in-depth view of Markus and his outlook.  The unwanted invaders from another dimension are tired with their public enemy number #1 tag that North has pinned on them and as they both come to face-off in this issue there’s no telling which way this title will go just yet.

Matt ups the ante in this one, giving us much more of an insight into North & his motives and this helps highlight the subtlety in the story he’s constructed.  The ‘us vs them’ plot rests underneath the surface in a familiar story of ‘good vs evil’ but this depth begins to separate Cadavers from the wider indie world as a title with real purpose behind it.  The fight to belong and be accepted is just as crucial here as the face-off with their enemies and the midway points sets the stakes much higher than has been hinted at so far.

Blend that with some larger-than-life art from Edward Bentley and every panel, every two-page spread and every gore-filled detail adds its own level of importance.  It’s gritty as it needs to be in the fast-paced elements of a full-on chase and then it’s got honesty in the facial expressions that mask fear, hate & hope in equal measure.  There’s A LOT of dialogue to tackle in this one but Robin Jones return to lettering duties helps keep that all under control.  A creative team hitting the balance for three straight issues is a glory to behold and as a fan of these creators I can’t wait to see the next two issues AND the spin-offs that are to come.  Make mine Mad Robot!

You can get hold of the story so far over on the Mad Robot Comics website and keep up to date with all the news of their releases on the Facebook & Twitter pages.  You can also get hold of Cadavers over on the Comichaus website and through the Comichaus app.



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